Passive cooling

In the palm of your hand, you hold a concentrate of high technology, designed, assembled and co-manufactured in France! You are a manufacturer, developer of on-board solutions looking for a computer in various fields such as: thin-clients, commerce, leisure areas, public transport, bars, restaurants or simply office automation in SMEs.

Well, Octo Passive is the ideal solution, thanks to its long lifecycle, free of mobile parts, its’ passive heat dissipation, the low heat it releases and its’ compact size.


Active cooling

Octo is a latest generation mini-computer, designed, assembled and co-manufactured in France.

Structured around the latest generation components and technologies, this range offers you power and flexibility in the treatment of your applications, as well as an optimization of HD video flows, up to 4K handling, thus offering an amazing and authentic image quality

A powerful, silent, ultra-compact solution, Octo is the ideal tool for sales outlet applications, dynamic display, Digital POS, etc. but also in space-reduced office automation applications.