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Keyboard MAC Backlight
Clavier Bluetooth CTRL
Clavier Bluetooth CTRL
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CTRL 2 - modernizes and optimizes the keyboard

The CTRL² keyboard is compatible with your Apple devices.

It retains the clean lines of the CTRL², with extra flat and silent keys. It completes the range by offering MAC users to have black keys but especially backlight.

Clavier Bluetooth CTRL
Clavier Bluetooth CTRL

Efficiency - Perfect batteries

To ensure maximum efficiency and optimize its performance, the CTRL² has 2 lithium batteries.

Each battery is dedicated to one use, the first on the keyboard, the second in the backlight.

A universal micro-USB cable will allow you to charge both batteries at the same time.


Features – classics for MAC

To simplify your daily life, we have kept the best features of the first MAC CTRL keyboard.

You will find the keypad, Apple functions but also the pairing of 4 devices.

Autonomy of 1 year

With the 1600 mAh lithium battery dedicated to the keyboard, the CTRL² will follow you every day and through the year.

Enjoy a Bluetooth keyboard in complete freedom!

Clavier Bluetooth CTRL 2

Backlight - A bright idea

The CTRL² keyboard is equipped with a flexible backlight system. You can easily turn on or off the brightness of the keys, but also adjust the intensity of the light to your liking.

The latter is controlled by holding the - / + key backlight keys and the keys 1 = 10%, 2 = 20% etc. If you keep a 100% intensity consumption of the CTRL² will be important will require a more regular load.