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Kubb Passive Edition

The soul of a powerfull PC inside a beautifull body

Kubb Passive Edition is the first no noise computer cut from aluminium block with thermal solution. Design and ergonomics, it’s improve your work environment or livingroom.

Transform your workspace with released power of Kubb Passive Edition

The 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor allows Kubb PE to perform all computing tasks ultra-fast. Kubb PE with the integrated new generation of SSD and NVMe is ideal for those who are looking for absolute top performance especially during mega-tasking workloads.

The Kubb PE delivers the performance needed for processor-intensive tasks such as media editing

Be more efficient thanks to your desktop ?

A daily absolute silent to focus on what matter.

The Kubb Passive Edition is design to improve your workspace, on your desk he offers a range of connectors and can handle numerous peripherals.

Modernize your meeting

Kubb Passive Edition is the perfect tool for your meetings, project your ideas and collaborate in real time by plugging it into a conference room projector or monitor. Ideal to edit and share your files quickly.

You can plug several USB keys and show your Power Point presenter, find a video on Youtube to illustrate a point but also connect it to the company extranet. It’s ideal for conference rooms, education, healthcare, and other professional meeting spaces.

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Easy and secure !

Easy to use, it’s compatible with every device you can already have. The Kensington socket at the back of the Kubb Passive Edition ensures you a completely secured usage.

Experience spectacular views

The 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors bring 4K UHD content to life on Kubb Passive Edition. You will be able to watch award-winning originals, TV Shows, and movies on Netflix* in stunning 4k UHD resolution.

Kubb Passive Edition allows you to easily access to any multimedia content and to enjoy more fluid, immersive and rich picture. All in fantastic high definition!

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You're a multi tasks fan ?

Browse on the Internet, watch movies or listen to music online with no difficulty with the latest generation WiFi-Fi norm 802.11ac dual band. Work and play in high resolution, edit photos and videos like a pro, and accelerate your daily experience.

Well thanks to Kubb Passive Edition, you’ll be able to check the Internet, answer your e-mails, broadcast videos all at the same time by simply connecting 2 or 3 screens simultaneously.

Less cables

Kubb Passive Edition, equipped with Intel® Wireless Display technology, enables you to broadcast wirelessly your photos, videos or presentations to TV set while continuing to work with two screens at the same time.

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Low consumption and energy saving

Kubb Passive Edition use a tiny amount of energy consumption, incomparable to a standard computer, 17 Watts instead of 250 Watts, one of the less energy-intensive computer on the market. Silent and design, it will amaze your collaborators and improve your work environment.

Work hard, play hard

Kubb PE is equipped with 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and have all the features you need to succeed. Structured around the latest generation components and technologies, this range offers you power and flexibility in the treatment of your applications, as well as an optimization of HD video flows, up to 4K handling, thus offering an amazing and authentic image quality.

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Megatasking is no chore !

You can be totally immersed in full HD gaming, communicating with your teammates while live-streaming and capturing highlights for editing and posting later—all simultaneously. That's megatasking.