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A reborn desktop

You will have a new and modern view on your own IT thanks to Kubb technology, which is perfectly adapted to the needs of today.

Kubb is an authentic decoration object as well as a concentrate of cutting-edge technology which combines power and performance.


Made in France

Most parts of Kubb are manufactured in France. It is silent, uses very little energy and responds to individual needs as much as to professionals.

Elegant and powerful

Kubb, the perfect 12cm cube shaped computer. Refined and designed with style. Adapts very easily to your workspace environment, or simply at home.
Structured around the latest Intel Core processors, Kubb runs all IT tasks on high-speed.

Multifunctional tool

Kubb is ideal to work with, to browse on the Internet, to create and access easily any multimedia content, whilst enjoying a visual experience, much more powerful, more immersive and with more fluidity… the lot in High Definition!
A multi-screen displays for even more comfort whilst using professional applications as well as video games.

Kubb is wrapped in a shell

Kubb is made of two parts, both 100% manufactured in France: a baseplate and an interchangeable shell.

Each shell is individually handmade and is inspired by the very heart of our artistic and cultural heritage.

It is a subtle mix of cutting-edge technology and handcraft work, such as metalwork, ironwork, boiler-making, woodwork and leatherwork...

Kubb can shift aspect by simply changing its shell.

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kubb_i5 (23).jpg
kubb_i5 (23).jpg

Stay connected

On-board Wireless technology enables you to connect with your Internet Box while staying, thanks to Bluetooth, directly linked to your other devices such as smartphones, tablets and printers.

"The several USB sockets optimize data transfer between your various external peripherals.